Spring Windows Packed with Cheer

Spring Windows Packed with Cheer

One of our very favourite things to do here at Cheerfully Made is designing fresh shop front windows to kick off a new season.

And, while spring has been here for a few weeks now, we are finally getting around to documenting our latest creation!

This year, with the winter blahs, covid restrictions and local construction nearly behind us, we decided to step things up and turn to our social media friends for help with brainstorming ideas!

We posted a message asking for suggestions and were blown away by the response. Our followers came through with some ah-mazing and creative ideas that we never would have thought of on our own.

One of the things we love about social media is the way it can bring people together and foster a sense of community. We're so grateful for everyone's opinions and we feel the end result is truly a collaboration between us and YOU.

After going through all the marvellous thoughts and ideas, we received this comment with tag from our friend @kealeycl.

Lindsay then reached out to us with the most amazing photo and we were SOLD!

Just looking at Lindsay's Instagram feed, we knew we were in good hands and gave her free rein to create a display that would catch the eye of wandering shoppers.

This photo was our jumping-off point, all we needed was to incorporate the Cheerfully Made colours.

After cleaning the glass and taping off the edges of the windows, Lindsay used acrylic paint to mark the windows with a regular paintbrush.

"When working with glass, it's important to decide which side will be the primary vantage point because you want to make sure to layer the paint in a way that makes it look as neat as possible," she says.

Lindsay first outlined the design in white to create a "frame," and then added a second layer of white details (like dots or lines) behind that.

Finally, she added COLOUR. 

The process of painting on glass is surprisingly forgiving, and anyone can try it out on their own windows. It's a fun way to add some colour and personality to your space!

If you're interested in commissioning a window display or mural, her full name is Lindsay Wickware and you can find her at lindsayjoy1980@gmail.com or on Instagram @thelindsdayjoyproject.

Although, Lindsay is a nurse at the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team, she has been enjoying painting in her free time, which was something she rediscovered while recovering from a concussion.

Lindsay dreams of creating more storefront windows and murals, and her favourite thing to paint is flowers. She will be selling her artwork and prints soon, and is currently working on her collection.

Stay tuned to her Instagram page for updates!

A special thank you to everyone that commented on our Instagram post, we will have spring ideas for years to come!

Hope to see your smiling faces through the window soon!

And we can hardly wait to hear your ideas for our next window display!

xo Sarah & the Cheersquad