• How it all began.

    In 2013, our owner Emily decided to open a retail shop inspired by the craft markets she’s been organizing since 2010. Her vision was that the shop would be a brick and mortar extension of the shows, and feature Canadian makers and their products. Over the past several years, Cheerfully Made Goods and Market has grown to feature more than 60 brands (many local) and supports a great number of makers, artists and entrepreneurs from across the country. 

  • Our Founder

    Since she could pour lemon concentrate into a pitcher, Emily Arbour has been a passionate entrepreneur. A small town girl at heart, Emily is a true cheerleader for her community and sees Cheerfully Made as not just a retail shop, but as a way to empower entrepreneurs, build community and make the world a more cheerful place.

We live by a few principles

  • 1

    Promote Canadian-made Goods + Makers

    We heart Canadian made. Nothing makes us more excited than discovering new items made by our Canadian comrades and introducing them to our shoppers. Though we do carry a handful items from beyond our country’s borders, we always look locally first!

  • 2

    Encourage Community over Competition

    We work hard to nurture community among makers through our markets and social networks and believe strongly (because we see it happen everyday!) that when we work together, we’re all better for it.

  • 3

    Lead with Heart

    We believe that we have a responsibility to show up for our community with authenticity and passion. We use our shop, events and social influence to encourage others to go after their creative dreams and feel truly supported in doing so.