ManMade // A Craft Show for Dudes

ManMade // A Craft Show for Dudes

Because the party never really stops around here, allow me to invite you to our first ever Craft Show for Dudes!

ManMade is NEXT Sunday June 14th from 10am to 3pm at the Mill Street Brew Pub (555 Wellington Street Ottawa).

Admission is $5, parking is free and so are the beer samples.

Join our Facebook Event Page here.

Get directions here

Strategically placed one week before Father's Day, this show will feature 30 of the areas coolest dude-friendly makers, selling all the best stuff for dudes and dads. It's a smaller show than we're used to doing, and I'm really looking forward to being able to focus on a select group of makers and sharing them all with you.

Also looking forward to drinking some Mill Street Beer on the "job".

This place is so stinking gorgeous. Can we agree?

Even more awesome than the location, is the line up of sellers.

Hang on to your belt buckles babies, because here's a little snapshot of some of my favourite who's (& whats!) you'll find at ManMade. (You can find the ENTIRE VENDOR LISTING HERE.)

Daff Design was introduced to the Handmade Harvest clan at our Spring Show and man, did they blow our socks off! No way you're not winning dads heart with any one Daff's (Jeff's) gorgeous handmade wood bluetooth speakers and recycled vintage radios (with new components and bluetooth installed).

I die for all of them.

This show will be the first time we've had the pleasure of hosting Matchstick at Handmade Harvest. Matchstick creates household objects made out of wood and metal, and our curiosity piqued when we read that they handmade everything from knife holders to "sustainable taxidermy".

Just what we need for the fireplace!


Artech Studio makes handblown beer glasses up-cycled from beer bottles. Be they branded bottles or their own Rebeer beer labels (they have a whole slew of Mill Street ones!), these fantastic steins hold a full beer and are dishwasher safe. They also have a line of glass coasters, decanters and wine tumblers.

Hello awesome teacher gift!

Legendary Workshop creates custom man+machine made wood products. Themed outdoor cedar furniture, one-of-a-kind butchers blocks, wall rulers and 3D milled serving trays are just a few of the creations they 'll be showcasing at the show.

Not sure quite where we're going to put this bad boy, but I sure know where I'm putting my beer (& my bum) if it ends up anywhere in my vicinity.

A dude's gotta eat, and we're so pumped to have the addition of Moo Shu Ice Cream to the ManMade mix. Moo Shu makes various kinds of bite-size ice cream truffles in a range of weird and wild (super manly) flavours.

Just for our show I'm told they're experimenting with flavours that include bourbon, beer, rum, and some smoky flavours and spices.

So now you'll know where to find me...

Gaslight Electric makes it's home in Almonte (hey, me too!) and specializes in designing and building classic style custom signage using traditional materials and techniques.

I'm told the yellow hashtag just sold, but I can't wait to see what else they have in store for ManMade.

What started out as a Shopify experiment has turned into a great little biz for the guys of High Tide Bow Ties.

Their locally handmade bow ties and pocket squares are the perfect little gift for the dapper dude in your life.

Speaking of dapper...

The guys at Dapper Beard Oil have mastered the art of doing one thing, and doing it well. (I could take a page let me tell ya). Made in Ottawa, this premium beard oil is formulated with all-natural ingredients to quench and protect the beards of dapper men.

A couple drops of Dapper Beard oil nourishes your facial hair and makes it look captivating, feel soft, and smell handsome.

I tried it on one of my little chin hairs (oh come on, you have some), and that baby is a soft as a kitten.

So, you know, something for the ladies too.

Clothes! You could buy him clothes! Handmade Harvest favourite Winged Beast Outfitters specializes in hand silk screening t-shirts and other things. Designer Sterling Prentice (if that is his reaaaal name) describes his creations as "a whimsical mishmash that is equal parts joy and irony".

And we like that about him.

For the art loving dude, we're thrilled to be showcasing the works of Ottawa artist Michael Bruneau. Michael's paintings, prints and inspirational quotes explore music, travel, nature and history.

Looking forward to seeing his collection next weekend.

I mean there's jewelry and then there's jewelry you know?

TLS makes artisan jewellery for both men & women using a variety of new & salvaged materials including: metal, leather, yarn, old bits of hardware & machinery, found objects, and more.

We're talking rings, belt buckles, earrings and then some.

I have to stop now because I'm getting too wound up about the whole thing (also someone is asking me for juice), but definitely have a peek over on our website for the full line up.

Hope to see you on June 14th from 10-3 at the Mill Street Brew Pub!