How to Price your Handmade Goods // FREEBIE

How to Price your Handmade Goods // FREEBIE

Ever wondered how to price your handmade goods?

One of the BEST parts of having a shop that features handmade artists is the connections I get to make with real live makers. I get emails almost daily from creatives interested in selling their work in the shop...but not many are entirely sure how that works.

Or where to start.

It can be frustrating to be presented with a perfectly awesome product and not actually be able to purchase it from a seller. I am forever offering one on one guidance to help people get into the retail market, but it would almost be a full time job to keep going this way.

In an effort to help MORE hand-makers be MORE successful at getting their goods out into the world, I've put together a really simple, and comprehensive workbook on HOW TO PRICE YOUR HANDMADE GOODS.

It's a great first step to figuring out if your products are appropriate for wholesale, or if they're simply better suited to selling direct at craft markets. I think it may well be our BEST FREEBIE YET!

Want it?

Click the FREEBIE image to access the instant download and join the Cheerfully Made University Mailing list!

I know this email won't appeal to all of you, but if YOU know a maker who is interested in growing their side business into the big scary world of retail, I'd love you to share!

Stay tuned for the latest in shop news! There's lots more to come!

xo Em