Cheerstream Design

Cheerstream Design

Brad and I have always dreamed of owning a cottage.

We both grew up with one as kids, but they're long gone now and as our careers get busier, and the kids get older, we find ourselves pining for the simplicity of waking up to the sound of birds and the absence of WiFi.

Perhaps someday that dream will be realized, but for now we're putting our heart into the next best thing...our latest renovation project: the Cheerstream (not really trademarked...but don't steal it anyway k?)

Two summers ago we had the opportunity to purchase this beauty from Etsy Canada.

They had been using it as a sort of rolling backdrop for a cross Ontario craft market series they called the Etsy Roadtrip and once that project came to an end, they were looking to find it a new permanent home.

Image credit: nanatoulouse.com

It's a 1980, 31' Airstream International. AKA our cottage on wheels and soon-to-be Almonte's newest Air BnB.

Fortunately for me, I LOVE a good DIY project and I have a whole wheelhouse of pals who are all over helping me achieve my vintage Airstream dreams.

I've tasked my bestie Melissa DiRenzo (of Sweet Escape Design) with the interior design, and with the help of Kim Kostuck (KKI Designs), one killer contractor with a "can do" attitude (no I will not give you his number), and a few lovely sponsors we are finally ready to get moving on this baby.

It took us a little while to come up with the vision (and the funds to do it right) but now we're officially rolling and ready to share our design plan!

Although Melissa and I are working together on this, last fall's kitchen reno essentially burnt out my decision making brain cells, so I'm taking on the role of client when it comes to the design.

I'm sooooo cool with that. Melissa gets me and my aesthetic.

We both share a love of colour and pattern mixing, and I really think I'd be enjoying this process a whole lot less without her.

My only direction?

Make it cheerful.

It's been more than a year since we embarked on this project and, like all unique renovation projects, the plan has already changed approximately one hundred times.

It'll be truly interesting to see how close to this plan the finished space will look like by the time all the work and on-the-spot decisions are made.

Before I show you the plan, let's take a good look at the before pics! You can't talk about the future without knowing where you come from right?

Here's a peak of what the Airstream looked like when we took possession:

She was completely wrapped in Etsy orange and we spent two solid weekends peeling vinyl (so satisfying actually) and trying not to think about all the mouse poop in the mattresses.

They're gone now.

All that's left of the bedroom is this pleather slipper circa 1980.

Yeahhhh. We had to replace that floor.

It's all good now.

We've got ourselves a blank, (slightly yellowed and oddly sticky) slate to work with.

Thanks to some very generous help from Valspar and Lowes, we're giving the entire place a fresh, not-at-all-sticky coat of clean white paint.

Here's how we're planning to add some major cheer to place. 

KITCHEN: Aurara Blush & Goldenrod wallpaper from Spoonflower (sponsored), Delta Canada Trinsic Pull Down Kitchen Faucet(sponsored), Kitchen sink, Peel and Stick backsplash, Lighting

LOUNGE: Spoonflower pillows 1/2/3 (sponsored), Sectional Sleeper Sofa, Coffee Table

BATHROOM: Delta Canada Lahara Bathroom Faucet (sponsored), Delta Canada Premium Shower Head and Mount (sponsored), Swimmers Wallpaper by Spoonflower (sponsored), Blue Penny Tile

BEDROOM: Spoonflower Rhapsody Beige & Teal Wallpaper (sponsored), Wall Sconce

So that's the plan!

What do you think?

Don't tell me if you don't like it. I know my taste isn't for everyone and I am SO ok with that :)

You can follow along on our progress over on Instagram by following either myself at Cheerfully Made or Melissa at SweetEscapeCreative or search #cheerstreammakeover and see it all unfold!

xo Em