Vivian Sofia Designs
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Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Vivian Sofia Designs

At around the age of 6, she discovered oil pastels in her cousin's room and became hooked on art. This marked the beginning of a lifelong passion. At 15, she convinced herself to become an art instructor at a local gallery, despite lacking experience. Her enthusiasm and creativity made up for it. Throughout her career, she taught art to both children and adults. For her Master's thesis, she researched art projects in Canada and South America.

During her maternity leave in 2014, she started The Art Cart, a mobile studio business that aimed to bring more art opportunities to her community. Over the course of five years, the studio took on various forms. Vivian-Sofia Designs + Studio is her most personal artistic expression, focusing on joyful and vibrant creations. She embraces being a maximalist and incorporates a lot of color, patterns, and playful designs into her art. Her favorite place to be is a bookstore, where she enjoys sipping coffee and envisioning her next art projects. She hopes her pieces bring as much joy to others as they bring to her.

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