Soap So Co.
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Edmonton, Alberta

Soap So Co.

Soap So Co. is introducing a new era of soap creation, characterized by artistically designed and handcrafted products. They take pride in producing soaps that are not only visually captivating but also entirely vegan and cruelty-free. Their commitment to quality remains unwavering while infusing an element of fun into their creations.

The meticulously hand-crafted designs come alive with vibrant colors, rich textures, and evocative forms. The scents are carefully curated to be delightful without overwhelming the senses.

In contrast to the common perception of "artistic" soaps being ornamental, Soap So Co. has redefined the concept by crafting artisanal soaps that seamlessly blend visual aesthetics with genuine functionality. The company's design and fragrance range is diverse, spanning from serene and soothing to exuberantly wild and adventurous.

Experience the tranquility of Lavender Dream or embrace the groovy vibes of Glow – a reminder that it's time for us all to take a disco break once in a while. Soap So Co. is revolutionizing the soap industry by harmonizing creativity, quality, and enjoyment in each unique piece.

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