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Chicago, Illinois


INK+ALLOY, a women-owned accessory brand, is driven by a purpose to kindle wonder and empowerment. Their handcrafted jewelry, fashioned from vibrant glass seed beads and upcycled brass, exudes a modern bohemian allure, embodying both inspiration and effortlessness. This ethos transcends their products, infusing their entire business approach, offering distinctive pieces that celebrate individuality.

Aligned with their mission, INK+ALLOY extends support to women in India and Georgia, championing fair wages and education for marginalized girls. Collaborating with Commit2Change, the brand resolutely combats child labor and contributes to educating orphaned and impoverished girls across India and Southeast Asia. Each purchase, be it online or from retailers, fuels this cause, solidifying INK+ALLOY's commitment to transformative impact through their partnership with Commit2Change.

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