Coal & Canary Candle Company
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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Coal & Canary Candle Company

Coal and Canary loves making candles, but also loves making friends! They are in the business of fun and happen to make deliciously scented candles second.

Coal and Canary creates hand-poured luxury wood wick candles for every occasion – and for everyday. Their candles are made only with the highest quality vegan soy and vegetable wax blend and true to scent fragrance oils. All of their candles feature a cozy, crackling wooden wick.

The name Coal and Canary is based on the stories of when miners would bring canaries down to test the air quality of mines. It's a positive spin on the story though! As their ingredients are better for you and the air, so the canary survives and thrives (which is why there are two canaries in the logo!)

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