Cheeks Ahoy
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Peterborough, Ontario

Cheeks Ahoy

Leah Black is the founder and creator of Cheeks Ahoy. The inspiration behind Cheeks Ahoy struck shortly after the birth of her first child. With a commitment to using cloth diapers for environmental reasons, Leah realized the environmental impact of disposable baby wipes, leading to unnecessary waste. Troubled by the disposable options' plastic packaging and lengthy ingredient lists, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Leah crafted her initial set of reusable wipes from old flannel bed sheets and concocted a gentle wipe solution using three simple, natural ingredients. This not only addressed the waste issue but also proved to be more effective and versatile than disposable alternatives.

The success of Leah's eco-friendly wipes didn't go unnoticed by her new mom friends, who expressed interest in getting some for themselves. The demand quickly grew, prompting Leah to consider selling her creations locally. And so, Cheeks Ahoy was born, offering a sustainable and gentle solution for baby care.

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