Charleston & Harlow Candle Co.
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Charleston & Harlow Candle Co.

Charleston & Harlow is the brainchild of Andrea and Jeff, who are not only nerds and travel enthusiasts but also style aficionados, best friends, and life partners. The idea to start their candle business emerged during a trip to Croatia, where they immersed themselves in exploring the islands and enjoying local experiences.

While waiting on the pier one evening for the ferry back to Split, Andrea and Jeff reflected on their trip. They realized that of all the souvenirs one can bring home from travels, scents have a unique ability to evoke memories and transport you back to specific moments. This epiphany lingered with them for months until they decided to turn it into reality.

As passionate candle lovers, they set out to create candles that capture the essence of their travels and childhood memories. Thus, Charleston & Harlow was born, named after their two French bulldogs. Their ethos revolves around crafting damn fine candles with premium ingredients, a commitment that extends to everything they do.

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