Blushed Designs Co.
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Whitby, Ontario

Blushed Designs Co.

Meet Mia, the heart and soul behind BlushedDesignsCo. Founded in 2020 during her high school days, Mia's mission is simple: to sprinkle joy into your life.

Driven by personal struggles with mental health, Mia aims to provide 5 seconds of happiness through her vibrant graphics, designs, and happy products. An aficionado of all things pink and funky, Mia, a part-time Human Resource Management student, is soon to graduate.

When not crafting groovy goodies, you'll find Mia lifting weights at the gym or showering love on her two cats, Angel and Tuxedo. Explore BlushedDesignsCo for a burst of joy, and remember, as Mia says, "Don't forget to be kind to yourself today."

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