Valerie Daoust x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

Valerie Daoust x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

For Cheerfully Made's TENTH BIRTHDAY, we collaborated with some of our favourite makers and we obviously couldn't do it without our friend Valerie Daoust.

She crafted two seriously amazing ceramic mugs just for us! One features a rainbow pattern, while the other has beautiful florals in our brand colours.

We also asked ALL our makers to answer a few fun questions for the occasion. Here's what they said... 


Q: What is your best memory of Cheerfully Made (shop or markets)?
A: My best CM memory was my first ever visit to the store! For my first wedding anniversary, my husband made reservations at Joe's, and we headed out to Almonte early for an afternoon of exploring the cute little town before dinner. He flagged Cheerfully Made as one of our stops, figuring I would be obsessed and he was right! He ended up getting me a Coal and Canary candle and a 7 Paper Houses necklace — both of which I absolutely love! Ever since then, the store has been a little happy place that brings me back to those delightful early days of being married. 

Q: What were you thinking about when making this product?

A: Making the mugs for CM's birthday celebrations was really an attempt to channel the bright bustling fun vibe of the cheer squad into a mug. I knew plenty of colours would be involved, and loved bringing the flowery sunny vibes of the store onto the mugs!

Q: Do you have any wishes for Emily & Cheerfully Made for the next 10 years?

A: Truly, I wish EVERYTHING for Emily!! She gave me the chance at my first ever market to launch this hobby venture from a basement dream to an actual strangers-buy-my-things small business. She hosted the market where a One of a Kind rep encouraged me to apply to OOAK, and now I'm heading to Toronto for the Winter 2023 show. I wish for Emily, that she can see the incredible impact she has on small businesses and new makers. Her guidance and encouragement are a force to be reckoned with, and I hope the next 10 years bring more opportunities for Emily to share her cheer with so many more people!!


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