Uptown Sox x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

Uptown Sox x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

For Cheerfully Made's TENTH BIRTHDAY, we collaborated with some of our favourite makers and we obviously couldn't do it without our friends at Uptown Sox.

They brought our branded sock dreams to life with our new signature unisex socks.

We also asked ALL our makers to answer a few fun questions for the occasion. Here's what they said... 


Q: What is your best memory of Cheerfully Made (shop or markets)?
A: Connecting with all of the other lovely shoppers and local vendors. The great part of being a vendor at the markets is getting the opportunity to connect with other local businesses and learning more about their products. 

Q: What were you thinking about when making this product?

A: We were elated to have been asked to collaborate with Cheerfully Made. Emily had an overall sense of what she wanted the socks to look like, we did our best to make sure her vision for the socks came to fruition. We love how minimalistic yet cheery and colourful her custom socks turned out.

Q: Do you have any wishes for Emily & Cheerfully Made for the next 10 years?

A: The utmost success! Our communities need entrepreneurs and local educators like Emily who support Canadian makers. It is people like Emily who are the backbone of the creative world for local collectives. We look forward to hearing about and supporting the future makers that Cheerfully Made will put in the spotlight for the years to come!


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