Eleven Love x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

Eleven Love x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

For Cheerfully Made's TENTH BIRTHDAY, we collaborated with some of our favourite makers and we obviously couldn't do it without our friends at Eleven Love.

They crafted the most delightful wish bracelet for a cheerful heart. How on brand is that for us???

We also asked ALL our makers to answer a few fun questions for the occasion. Here's what they said... 


Q: What is your best memory of Cheerfully Made (shop or markets)?
A: We have so many amazing memories of the Cheerfully Made Markets. Even though we didn't get in the first couple of times we applied, we never stopped trying. Emily is so encouraging and gave us so many tips on how to improve our brand. I remember the day we got the acceptance email for our first CMM, we literally cried! Not only is it an awesome and well organized market, it is a welcoming community of amazingly talented and friendly makers.

We have built so many friendships and connections not only with Em, the Cheerfully Made Team, and the other makers, but the returning shoppers who come to every single event. She not only created a market, she started a community that we will cherish and remember always. 

Q: What were you thinking about when making this product?

A: When we started brainstorming about this collaboration, one thing we wanted to encapsulate was not only what it means to be cheerful, but what it takes to get there. We love how open, honest, and vulnerable Em is on her insta stories. You don't always wake up everyday feeling cheerful, it's daily work.

This bracelet comes with its own affirmation to repeat daily and to remind you that no matter where you are in your journey, to encourage you to keep moving forward, and to never give up on yourself. The more cheer you have in your own heart, the more you have to spread to those around you. 

Q: Wishes for Emily/Cheerfully Made for the next 10 years?

A: Our wish for Emily in the next 10 years is not only the continued and growing success for Cheerfully Made as a business, but that no matter what she is living a happy, thriving, and fulfilled life. To keep sharing her journey and making an impact on her community and those around her. 

Q: Anything you want to add?

A: When Alda and I (Dawn) started dreaming up Eleven Love, having our products in Cheerfully Made was on the top of our bucket list. We are incredibly honoured to be a part of this special CM community. Emily has helped us grow our brand to where it is today. Since taking her wholesale course, our products are now in almost 100 brick and mortar stores. And we are beyond grateful.

We want to wish CM a happy 10th birthday, may all of your birthday wishes come true and we can't wait to see what the next 10 has in store for Em, CM and the CM team. Sending light, love and magical vibes. Love, Dawn, Alda and Shannon (Eleven Love) 


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