Diana Watters x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

Diana Watters x Cheerfully Made Birthday Collab

For Cheerfully Made's TENTH BIRTHDAY, we collaborated with some of our favourite makers and we obviously couldn't do it without our friend Diana Watters.

She designed the most gorgeous embroidery kit of our brick-and-mortar shop... when we tell you it's the cutest thing we have ever seen...

We also asked ALL our makers to answer a few fun questions for the occasion. Here's what they said... 


Q: What is your best memory of Cheerfully Made (shop or markets)?
A: One of the very first markets I ever did was a Cheerfully made Christmas market.  We drove up to Ottawa, not knowing what to expect!  Emily’s name had been in the Zeitgeist for a long time as a standout member of the Maker community, so I was pretty nervous to meet her for the first time.  It was all for naught though, because she could not have been more welcoming to me!  She made time to chat with every maker at the show….. like every single maker!  Her ready smile and witty humour set me at ease immediately.  

Q: What were you thinking about when making this product?
A: I thought about what Emily and the shop means to me, and the community at large.  It’s a spot of sunshine to lose yourself in!  Every time I go into the shop, I find myself dashing from one delicious vignette to the next because I want it all!   The curated collection of lovely goodies is always so thoughtfully displayed, and is ever changing.   I think since I’ve known Emily, the shop interior has been reinvented about 6 or 7 times!  I just love this about her, and it’s a testament to her love of design, and willingness to put the hard work into staying fresh and relevant in an ever changing retail landscape.
Q: Do you have any wishes for Emily & Cheerfully Made for the next 10 years?
A: Dearest Emily, you have helped launch countless creative businesses, mine included.  Your support and advice is a gift I don’t think I can ever fully repay.  I think one of the thing’s I admire most about you is your ability to continue moving forward…growing the thing’s that work, and being able to let go of the thing’s that don’t. There is magic in your creative madness!  It’s a beautiful Cheerfully Made world you’ve created, and I’m so glad I get to be part of it in a small way.  Happy 10 years lovey :)


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