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Weaving in the Woods // Hudson's Bay Inspired

Weaving in the Woods // Hudson's Bay Inspired

I had some alone time this week.

Melissa and I headed back to the treehouse (more on that later) and I had a solid 24 hours of "me time" just chillin' like villains, catching up on sleep and, you guessed it, crAAAaaafting (singsong voice).

After hosting the weaving workshop way back when, I've been wanting to make something for the new house.

Brad has a room (his only really) dedicated to him in our new home and it's got this Canadiana theme going for it. It's got a brick fireplace, an old set of lockers, oversized, super comfy corduroy couches, some vintage inspired Ontario tourism prints, etc etc.

But it still needs some texture.

I've always loved the classic Hudson's Bay 4 stripe blankets, and truly, what says "Canadiana Comfort" more than this baby?

If ever you find one of these, please think of me. I will buy it from you and chuck those corduroy couches I just spoke so highly about right out the window so I can replace them with one of these.

Mid century modern furniture + Hudson's Bay blankets = I can't even.

Via & Via

But I digress.

I planned to take my golden moment of uninterrupted crafting and make a Hudson's Bay inspired weaving for my honey.'

Supplies: Wool, Wood frame, Twine & Scissors

Please keep in mind this isn't how professionals weave. This is how I do it.


Melissa and I joked that if we hosted some sort of DIY show, they'd be super short and go something like this:

"Soooooo, what you do is, you go to Michael's and buy everything you need at full price, except for one thing for 40% off, then you go to Pinterest and find a tutorial, then you fuck it up, waste a bunch of materials, and then you just figure it out for your damn self. Ok? Just figure it out. See you next week of Crafting with Hacks!"


So. What you do.

You string your frame like this. Try to space them evenly and keep 'em toit.

Then you take a (long) length of your first coloured yarn and weave in and out, back and forth until you've go the size of colour block you want.

Repeat with other colours.

I continued on with the cream coloured yarn until I was happy with the length. To add a little textural interest I braided a length of the same cream and wove that in as well.

To finish off the piece I simply snipped the thread from step one leaving enough length to knot them and secure the weaving from unraveling. I then added some fringe using the cream yarn and unwound it a bit to get it looking shagadelic.

At the top, I just wove some new yarn through the top and wrapped it around a stick I'd taken a shining to in the woods.

Can we all agree this is pretty stinking adorable? I may be addicted to weaving now.

Yep. Definitely addicted to weaving.

xo Em