The Fabulous Lynne Knowlton

The Fabulous Lynne Knowlton

I'm on route back to Almonte to see my babies after a long week away at One of a Kind (more on that later) and I got an email from the ever-lovely, blogging superstar Lynne Knowlton to let me know she's featured one of my Campy Candles in an Etsy Newsletter.

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So cool of her to think of me. (Thank you Lynne!)

I met this beautiful woman when I had the good fortune of staying in her treehouse last August.



Photos courtesy of www.lynneknowlton.com

This woman has a treehouse people. YOU can stay there too if you're lucky. We're talking multiple hammocks, gorgeous pool, a SLIDE (but don't bring the kids if you know what's good for ya) and just about every magical amenity you can dream up.

This place (as you can imagine) is booked pretty solid, but I encourage you to get on that horn and try.

I clicked with Lynne pretty hard when we met, and we've stayed in touch since. (Thank you Instagram)

A few months ago Lynne asked if I'd make her a custom candle JUST for her treehouse clients and, lover of new projects that I am, I said YES, then promptly put it off and off and off while I prepared for our big move and OOAK.

Until now. Now I'm ready to get makin'.

Speaking of Instagram, Lynne met this illustrator there, and commissioned her to do a sketch of the treehouse for a stamp. Because everyone who meets Lynne is inspired to do nice things for people, Michelle (i-gramer behind I Dream Of Chairs) gifted her with THREE.

I'll be using one as the design for the labels.

This one...

...or this one...

...or this one...

So much to work with! I can't wait to dig in to this project.

For more drool worthy pictures of this magical place, and to read all about Lynne and her well-designed life, visit her blog by clicking here.

And tell her her old pal Emily sent ya.

xo Em