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Spring Starts Here

Spring Starts Here

Honestly spring? What the mother lovin' eff.

Friday April 10th and we woke up to a freaking thunderstorm. Yesterday, it snowed. Day before that? Snowed. Day before that? Gorgeous and sunny and a balmy 12 degrees.

Mother Nature, you tease.

All I want to do is get into my backyard, plant some flowers I can kill and yell at kids to "be careful climbing that damn tree". Do you feel me?

A few weeks ago (during another snowstorm, incidentally) I received this package from The Home Depot. In it are several little gardening items, and a $50 gift card to help inspire me to get started on spring. Even if it's not here yet I suppose.



Looking at the garden today, I'm not sure I can bear to get out there. Fortunately, since we are millionaires (read: hundredaires) who live in a mansion (read: house with an extra bedroom) now, I have this gorgeous sunroom to work with. Shall we bring on spring from the indoors out?

To be continued...