Pivoting in the New World

Pivoting in the New World

The key to being a successful and sustainable entrepreneur is your ability to adapt. Life is unexpected.

I think 2020 proved that in spades.

Even pre-pandemic, shoppers were flocking to the internet to buy stuff. There's the convenience factor sure, but the world wide web also opened us up to new makers across the country and around the globe.

During COVID-19 though, buyers began searching harder and harder for local suppliers. I had friends asking me for recommendations for Canadian shampoo bar makers, jewellers, and more. 

It's a beautiful thing, really.

But for the business owners behind these brands, the lockdown and subsequent end of in-person craft markets (at least to the degree they used to occur) is truly terrifying.

That's why we've created this resource page containing links to ALL our best freebies and blog posts to help you PIVOT. 


Here are our BEST freebies (use them and make Ross proud):

And now, here are the blog posts you should perhaps revisit in the Era of the Pivot:

If you're really, really serious, you can also sign up for Emily's signature Wholesale for Handmakers virtual course.

The course takes you through all the necessary steps to create a sustainable wholesale business, plus it includes free templates you can use and access to a truly amazing Facebook community of makers like YOU.

Watch out, you're about to be on a roll.

xo Lauren