Breaking Bad, Soy Candle Edition

Breaking Bad, Soy Candle Edition

I haven't talked much about my candle biz, because basically, it's kind of ridiculous.

Also, a bit out of control.

Side note: I went to a small business seminar this morning that talked about the importance of "focus". Ironically, I had to tune out because I'm just not ready to hear that right now.

Here's how it happened.

In late 2013, I was looking for a cost appropriate, well branded, Canadian-made candle for the shop. Candles are stupid expensive I think you'll find, and I didn't feel I could (in good conscience) sell a $28 8oz candle to my beloved customers.

So my entrepreneurial/graphic designer/illustrator friend Amanda and I decided to embark a great candle making adventure. We did our research, went through a LOT of trial and error and came up with Campy. A line of soy candles that are poured by me, and beautifully illustrated by Amanda.

They did well at the show, and quickly became one of the best selling items at Hello Yellow.

Then Amanda decided to move to Vernon BC, I purchased her illustrations, and tried my hand at wholesaling to other Canadian (and one US) shops.

Then I applied to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.

Which brings us to (what used to be) my dining room.

Holy swashbuckler, what have I gotten myself into?!

Low and behold, I was accepted into One of a Kind, and am now living in a steamy sea of soy candle wax, scented oils and moving boxes.

It's like Breaking Bad in here.

I've been advised that, since it's a 5-day HUGE show, I should make approximately 5 times what I've previously sold at a top notch show.

For me, that's about 200 candles per day. Or 1000 candles for you math types.

And they all have to be packed up on a palette and shipped to Toronto by next Wednesday.

I mentioned we're moving next Friday right?

Lord have mercy,