How to Write for Social Media

How to Write for Social Media

I went to school to become an advertising copywriter.

I've always loved to write. My dad worked in advertising while I was growing up so I was surrounded by ads and marketing from a very young age.

Our coffee table books consisted of advertising annuals mostly, and I used to pour over those things like other kids read comic books.

Studying advertising was one of my favourite hobbies (I swear I was popular). The art of writing a compelling message in as few as 5-10 words interested me so much.

Fast forward 25+ years and those skills I learned as a copywriter are working harder for me than ever before. I no longer work in advertising, but you can be sure as sugar I use those skills errrrrDAY on social media.

Writing a killer message that uses no unnecessary language, still says what it needs to and inspires readers to engage? Well that's no small feat.

Audiences have the attention span of goldfish. Yours truly included!

How can we write captions so that they'll a) read, b) engage and c) help us grow our message by sharing what we're putting out there?

In this FREE mini guide I've put together my best tips for breaking down the daunting process of writing those posts.

I talk about the components of a good caption, how to be engaging in a way that feels natural, and the basic, not-overwhelming-at-all what, why and how of hashtags.

I also explain how I do it for myself! Click here now to access the free download and to sign-up for our Cheerfully Made Mailing List!

Happy learning!

xo Em