Our Funstans Ads Course Review

Our Funstans Ads Course Review

This post is sponsored by our friends at Funstans Marketing. We are affiliate partners with them for their Virtual 5-Day Ads Classroom. 

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There I was sitting on my couch, drinking my coffee, and tapping through Instagram stories when I saw the cutest pair of sandals. They were neutral, comfortable and created by a brand I already loved.

I spent $150 in under two minutes because a company I knew, liked and trusted placed an ad in front of me and solved my search for the perfect pair of comfy summer shoes.

The irony is I was on a break between classes for the Funstans Marketing ads course. I had literally just learned about how to create retargeting ads to engage previous buyers to make another purchase.

But let me pause that thought and start at the beginning.

Hattie jumps for joy in a field

We met Hattie Dunstan, co-owner of Funstans Marketing, when we accidentally mailed her the wrong package.

This was during the CHAOS that was our first ever Virtual Market in Spring 2020.

We had over 2,000 orders, and we might have mixed up a couple of those shipping labels. Instead of being upset or frustrated, Hattie laughed along with us. Phew.

A bond was formed, a connection made, and a conversation began.

Long story short, Hattie generously offered us a spot in her 5-day ads course that would take a deep dive into creating and launching Facebook and Instagram ads. 

We obviously said YES PLEASE, and off I went.

And by off I went, I mean I logged into the virtual classroom from the breakfast bar in my kitchen.

Each morning for five days, we would log in for a one-hour live training with Hattie herself. She would share her screen with us so we could watch the behind-the-scene clicks and edits we would have to make in our own ads account on Facebook. 

She paused to answer questions, repeated tutorials for those of us who needed a second peek, and cut out all of the unnecessary steps of creating an ad. If you have ever tried crafting an audience for an ad before, then you KNOW there are too many steps.

Not with Hattie.

Hattie in a field

Each afternoon, there was an optional homework sprint. We were assigned a short list of things to do before the next lesson, so the whole group of students (aka other small business owners) could all progress together at the same speed.

During the one-hour sprint, we would log into Zoom again to chat and share tips. If someone had a question, Hattie was there to answer and support them. 

There were many moments during the course when I felt incredibly stupid.

But I learned all kinds of new strategies and tips, and when I really didn't get it then Hattie was there to freaking save the day (and my brain).

She shared ideas on creating audiences specific to each of our businesses, how to design simple and effective ads, and then how to track the success of your ads. Because if you're going to invest some cash into Instagram and Facebook ads, you neeeeed to know if they're doing anything for your business. 

By the end of the week, we were set to LAUNCH an ad out into the world. It was wild. Social media ads aren't just for big brands anymore...

Although I do love my new shoes.

If you want an online course that delivers the knowledge and skills you need to create simple, productive ads, while having the support and one-on-one attention of an in-person classroom then this is the course for you! Hattie knows her stuff and is showing up to spill her secrets.

And guess what? WE HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Use the code CHEERFULLYSAVE50 for $50 USD off the course at checkout. 

Hattie's ad for her marketing course

If you're interested in crafting some passive income for your business, then tap the link below for more information!

The Virtual 5-Day Ads Classroom starts again very soon! Use the code CHEERFULLYSAVE50, and save those dollar bills to invest in your business ads. You've got this!

And seriously. She's the best.

 xo Lauren