Etsy Made in Canada OTTAWA 2019

Etsy Made in Canada OTTAWA 2019

Last weekend we celebrated our 6th annual Etsy Made in Canada event here in Ottawa at Carleton University.

The show hosted 191 Etsy sellers under one big ole roof, and WHAT an amazing show it was!

After receiving the photos back from my friend and show photographer Sarah Evans of Shoebox Pics, what struck me most was how engaged our makers were with customers.


Every picture showed vendors interacting with shoppers and I'm so tickled by that.

My job as an organizer is to curate the event, and get shoppers through the door.

I can have very little effect on whether or not folks purchase from our sellers once they're here. That's up to the individuals and has everything to do with how they present both their products and themselves.

Are their spaces cohesive and shoppable? Or are they crowded and intimidating?

Are they approachable and friendly looking? Or are they sitting down staring awkwardly at their phones?

I am so proud to say that we really killed it this year.

As a group.

As a collective of brave, entrepreneurial souls who not only came together under one roof, but SHOWED UP to sell.


I was also so impressed with the displays this year.


I'm such a sucker for good signage and there were so many great examples of makers who just nailed it.

For example, check out Katelyn Brennan's handmade pottery signs! I've never seen anyone do something like this before. They matched her products so gorgeously and really mirror the imperfect whimsy of her aesthetic.

She made these so that she can change the price if needed too! 


I especially loved how Audrey Anne of CartoucheMTL chose to price her jewelry.


As a jeweller, it's important that she didn't detract from her pieces with honkey looking price tags...so what did she do?

She STAMPED her prices on metal plates that rested tastefully beside each piece.

I meeeeean. Brilliant.

I was also really excited to have some new sellers at the show.

One of my personal favourites being Night Moves Atelier.


I especially loved how maker Amanda is living and breathing her brand. From her big bold glasses, to her colourful vintage dress and red lip.


She embodies her brand and is essentially an extension of her booth.

That's actually more important than many people think.


A BIG thank you to everyone who came out in support of our Etsy sellers here in Ottawa.


I am thrilled to say it was huge success and that, as a result, we were able to donate a whopping $5000 to this year's local charity Kids Kicking Cancer.

If you'd like to participate in one of our future events as a seller (or learn about them as a shopper) join our mailing list! 

We will happily keep you in the loop!

xo Em