Thursday May 7
6pm Start Time


Friday May 8

  • Behind the Scenes Tour - Bee Savvy Honey (Meet the Bees)
  • Maker Chat: Julieanne Steadman of Heirloom Island maker chat, show talk.
  • Hand Lettering tutorial (Free online guide)
  • 8pm: Nighttime skincare routine with Anakiel

Meet the Makers

  • 10am-5pm: 2 or 3 Maker interviews throughout the “Day” 
  • Games night - Prizes
  • Maker Fashion Show?
  • Emily’s shopping spotify playlist


Saturday (Kid Day)

  • Our Kid Preneur Anna Chandler Merlo of The Wax Studio show us how to dip small birthday candles and the properties of beeswax
  • Clem’s Kid Corner - Painted Rocks tutorial (Pre-recorded)
  • Clem’s Kid Corner - Keep kids busy while mom shops!
  • 4pm: Mocktail tutorial with Cellar 82
  • Foraging in your own backyard - Building a DIY Terrarium

Meet the Makers

  • 10am-5pm: 2 or 3 Maker interviews throughout the “Day” 
  • Emily’s shopping Spotify playlist



  • Meet the Maker: Meaghan Chapin - How being a mom (of triplets!) has changed her as a maker.
  • Leave mom alone, it’s Mother’s Day! - pick a project from our downloads!
  • 11am: Boozy Brunch cocktails with Cellar 82.
  • Etsy Maker Live? Ask questions


Maker Chats

  • Trisha Muirhead of Fizzy Funtastics
  • Catherine Gagnon CeeGee Couture
  • Lindsay Down
  • Carissa McCraig - How she makes her Conscious Heart sweaters
  • Katherine DeSouca of Mini Geeks - How “Grow with Me’ pants work
  • Samantha Atkinson - How she stamps each piece
  • Andrea Thorsteinson - Tool Talk