This is a high volume email time for us here at Cheerfully Made. We'd love if you could please search here first, and if you don't find answers to your questions please send us an email to customerservice@cheerfullymade.com.

What exactly is happening here?

Our annual Cheerfully Made Spring Market is THIS weekend at the Almonte arena, and because we know not all of our precious peeps can attend to support our makers in person, we're taking things digital once again!

We've added hundreds of limited time items from makers all over Canada so you can shop in one place May 4th through 7th, and support dozens of different independent businesses.


What if I have product questions?

We've done our best to include as much information as possible in each listing, so please read carefully. If you still have questions simply send us an email to customerservice@cheerfullymade.com


Can I pick up my order? I live so close!

This time yes! Please do not come to the shop (72 Mill Street, Almonte) until you receive an email notification that your order is ready.


What is your shipping policy?

All of our products are shipped for flat rate of $15 to Canadian destinations and $20 to anywhere in the US.


If I place two orders can I combine them and save the shipping?

Unfortunately due to the large volume of orders and the small size of our operation, we are not able to combine orders. Each order placed will have to be mailed separately.

I know that sounds crazy, but it's all we can do to stay organized!


When can I expect to receive my order?

In the interest of underpromising and overdelivering, we are telling all of our customers you can expect to receive your order 1-2 weeks after completing your purchase. Often sooner!


Can I ship my order directly to someone else's address?

Of course! We will not be including paper invoices or pricing with any orders and each will arrive carefully packed in perfect condition for gifting.


Can I send one order to various different addresses if I'm shopping for more than one person?

For organizational purposes, each order can only be sent to one physical address for the $15 flat shipping rate.


Will you be restocking sold out product over the weekend?

I wish we could, but we will not necessarily be restocking sold out product. If you miss out on something we encourage you to reach out to the makers and purchase directly! You can find all participating brands and links to their personal sites under the Makers collection HERE.


Is your brick and mortar shop still open while the event is on?

It sure is! Our shop is currently open 7 days a week here at 72 Mill Street, Almonte.

Since both our shop and our virtual show live on the same website, our regular online shop will reopen after the virtual market ends.

We will be adding any unsold market inventory to our shelves and website as soon as we are able! We're aiming for May 15th!


I have a gift card to Cheerfully Made, can I use it toward the market?

Absolutely! Just enter your gift card code at checkout! 


Can I purchase a gift card and use it toward this market?

Yes you can! And if you don't use it all up this time, you can use it in the shop afterwards once we switch back to our regular shop!


What is your return policy?

All sales during this event are final. By purchasing items from this event you agree to read descriptions carefully to be sure you know what you're purchasing! If an item arrives to you damaged please send a message to customerservice@cheerfullymade.com and we'll make things right!


If I have something in my cart is it "safe" from others buying it?

Items in your cart will not be held unfortunately. It's our hope that we have enough product for all to enjoy, but if you have the last of a product in your cart and someone else does too, the first person to check out will receive the item and the other will receive a message that their cart has been updated to exclude that item.


What happens to my cart if I don't check out before the end of the show on Sunday (4pm)?

At 4pm on Sunday our website will close and your cart will be lost! Focus people! Focus! 😉


Can I shop these makers after the “doors” close Sunday at 4pm?

It depends! Any items that don't sell out during the event will be listed online and brought to our brick and mortar shop once we're done shipping orders!


I don't live in the area. Can I still shop this event?

Heck yes! There is nothing we'd love more than to attract a wider audience than we can with our in-person markets. If you live in North America and you love handmade goods, shop away my friend! We'll ship it to you for $15 within Canada and $20 to anywhere in the US.


Am I purchasing from the makers themselves, or from Cheerfully Made?

This time you are purchasing from us here at Cheerfully Made. We learned a lot from our previous virtual markets, and to avoid delays and human error, we have purchased directly from the makers participating outright.

We felt it was the best way to support our community, better manage fulfillment and also keep our own sanity during a busy time of year. 


How can I participate in one of your future markets?

The best way to hear about upcoming calls for crafters is to join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Anything we missed?
Please feel free to send us an email to customerservice@cheerfullymade.com