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Etsy is seeing record breaking traffic from online shoppers looking to support small independent businesses.

If ever there was a silver lining to this pandemic, for hand makers? THIS is it.

But it’s one thing to have a shop full of lovely items, and entirely NUTHER thing to actually get FOUND on Etsy among so much competition.

Since November, I have been working approximately 20 hours a week as an Etsy Seller Development Specialist for Etsy Canada. And one of the things I hear from struggling sellers almost EVERY day is that they "can't get found in search".

The secret to being found on Etsy may not be easy but it CAN be simple.

You just have to know what it is that the algorithm is looking for that makes it consider you a shop worth showing to it’s shoppers.

And here’s the thing.

Once you know these things, implement them and make adjustments and tweaks to keep things fresh?




The best way to make the Etsy algorithm (aka the “thing” that controls whether or not your shop appears when shoppers search for items similar to yours) happy is to take advantage of every opportunity the Etsy Shop Manager  provides sellers with when opening a shop and adding listings. 

On this, our first day of Etsy Shop Camp, all I want you to do is start by downloading the checklist below.

If you're keen to get going, you can open up your Shop Manager (top right when you log in to Etsy) and begin to cross reference to see if you’ve done all of these things and made use of all of the options.

Don’t fuss too much, just do a little self audit and we will dive into each section in the coming days.


Or save the image below to your device.