Charcuterie Boards

When the ice storm hit the Ottawa valley in ‘98, it did substantial damage to the hardwood forest. In what sounded like artillery fire, 10 foot tops came crashing down under tons of ice all around us. Three of the largest maples on our property weathered the next twenty years but slowly succumbed to the damage done. We gave thanks to the trees for the gifts of shade and maple syrup and then felled them. Much to our surprise the partially decayed interior was full of spalted maple, an incredibly beautiful art form. Hundreds of maple saplings are shooting up in the sunlight, newly created. We now craft live edge tables, charcuterie boards, mobile device holders and guitar parts out of dying wood that probably would have been burned or rotted. Our whole family helps out in the various process’s of sorting, shaping, and selling the results. So from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy these fascinating creations by Mother Nature and a few helpers.

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