Beard Balm

Orient Spice

Warm and heady, Orient Spice is warm and personal. A more traditional scent, but with a modern spin, this blend is one you'll want to keep close.

Bonsai Citrus

Our lightest blend, Bonsai Citrus is bursting with notes of citrus and fruit, but a base of sandalwood and amber keeps the blend grounded.

Park Ranger

Woodsy and complex, Park Ranger was deeply inspired by our home on the West Coast. Notes of Cedar and Spruce mingle with Lemon and Amber, leading to an intoxicating blend that might leave you dreaming of the mountains.

Our Beard Balms are the last word in conditioning. Formulated with a blend of beeswax, choice carrier oils and lanolin, this balm will deeply condition your beard and keep it tamed and under control, without feeling heavy, greasy or waxy.

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