Vintage Glory 22 owner Camille Ratte
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Vintage Glory 22

Vintage Glory 22 is designed with owner Camille Ratté's love and passion for fashion and statement accessories in mind. All pieces are ULTRA lightweight and hypoallergenic.

"I've always been a big fan of huge earrings but could never wear them after damaging my ears with stretchers so I made it my mission to find a way of having both comfort and the great look of a large earring."

Why 22? Because 22 is the age when she decided it was okay to follow her dreams and to stop trying to fit in a mold.

"I was always really artistic since being a little girl but thought the only way to having a happy and successful life was to go to school for years and have a "proper career." I changed programs four times and finally decided it was time to take a break and go travelling for a little.

This is when everything changed for me. I realized that there is not only one way of living life and that I had way more options than I thought."

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