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The Hipster Stitcher
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The Hipster Stitcher

Hipster Stitcher is a one-woman operation created by Alina Fedorowicz. She stitches while cuddling her dog, when she's not at her day job or building LEGO, or baking, or just trying to survive until bedtime with her three young kids...

You would think that doesn't leave much time for embroidery, but it is Alina's passion verging on obsession, so she manages to find time for it every day.

In 2019, while on mat leave with her third child, she needed to find something just for her. She took out all the library books she could find on the subject, watched all the YouTube tutorials, practiced for hours and hours everyday, and then dove right into the Christmas season selling custom ornaments locally.

Since then she's branched out into many types of embroidery and has started teaching a few in-person classes. From there, her passion for creating kits and tutorials to share this love of hand embroidery has grown and is the primary focus of her business these days.

She creates every single piece by hand herself, usually with her Havanese Tiberius cuddled up with her, so each item is unique.

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