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Polished Prints
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Polished Prints

When Polished Prints started in 2018 it was more or less a hobby. The owner, Leah, was a new mom with a personal love for graphic tees, and yet couldn't seem to find many for their daughter that really aligned with her mindset. So she did what any graphic designer mom would do - she created my own. 

"What if we told you that something as simple as a t-shirt design could help promote kindness in the world? You would think we were out of our minds, but the truth is that every time you wear one of our tees, people notice. They smile at you. They read the saying on the tee out loud because it resonates with them. These strangers take a moment out of their day to share a small moment with you.

We believe the world is filled with kind, beautiful people filled with the greatest of intentions. Our goal is to inspire others to think the same and empower their little ones to follow suit. We're here to encourage connection — real, human to human connection — even if it's sparked by something as simple as what's on your t-shirt."

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