Pine + Clover Apothecary
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Pine + Clover Apothecary

In 2020, Britt, the owner and creator of Pine + Clover Apothecary, decided it was time to seed, root, and tend to her dream of supporting our community with plants and herbalism.

She's trained as a photographer, maternal support practitioner, copywriter and bioregional herbalist. Somehow, over the years, she unintentionally carved out an every day way to practice what feels like homecoming: photographing, writing about, gathering and crafting with plants.

Her family of 4 lives in a small beach town facing the Quebec Laurentian Mountains. They grow their own herbs in their gardens and forage the rest from wild spaces.

"My ancestors knew the value of plants and lived in deep communion with the land. I approach herbalism in a reciprocal way: acknowledging that plants are gifts we must appreciate, tend to and find ways to give thanks for.

Each time I infuse the tender sweetness of red clover into hot water, or grasp a handful of white pine needles to marry with oil, I am coming home. Weaving myself into the thread of ancestral remembrance, synchronous connection with the land. I hope you can come along with me."

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