Nuthatch Artistry
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Petawawa, ON

Nuthatch Artistry

Working out of her home studio nestled in the beautiful Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada, she finds solace in her surroundings. While she cherished the cultural vibrancy of Montreal where she grew up, she now finds fulfillment in the tranquility of her current home, surrounded by nature.

Art has always been a passion for her. It has ebbed and flowed through various stages in her life, but she has come to realize it serves as a constant source of relaxation and grounding. Having studied Fine Arts in college, she continues to learn and refine her craft over time. Her work often draws inspiration from nature and botanicals, portrayed in a minimalistic manner.

Realizing her dream of making a living from her passion, she now offers her original artworks, prints of her creations, and takes on freelance projects. She remains open to inquiries, encouraging anyone interested to reach out without hesitation.

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