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ManSoap Company
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ManSoap Company

The story of ManSoap starts in the winter of 2015. Dana and Shann have a small family, with two teenage daughters. Like many teenagers, Anika and Kianna were finding it tough to keep acne under control.

After some investigation, they came to the startling realization that the very soaps they were buying to help their kids control acne were in fact causing their pores to be filled with chemicals.

Shortly after that, their first batch of homemade soap was born.  It was a simple, olive oil based soap, with no scent. Within three weeks their childrens' faces were clear of acne. Both Shann and Dana also noticed their skin was significantly softer and free of acne.

The name ManSoap simply comes from the idea of an all natural, pure soap company starting from one man’s desire to help his children.  Their soaps are made for everyone. To this end, they ensured that their signature scents are amazing for everyone.

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