La boîte à bonbons
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Montreal, Quebec

La boîte à bonbons

La boîte à bonbons started with two friends who shared a passion for candy and a desire to spread that joy to the world.

Known for years, they often talked about two things: entrepreneurship and candy. With a love for sweets and a quest for the freshest, most delicious jujubes, they hatched an idea over a beer one summer day: a monthly candy subscription box.

Since its launch in 2016, La boîte à bonbons has delivered fresh, high-quality, and diverse candies to thousands of families each month. They taste-tested countless sweets to ensure every box brings joy and nostalgia.

In 2017, they introduced their in-store product line, “C’est BONBON,” moving from online to offline to meet growing customer demand. This transition proved a hit, solidifying their commitment to offering the best candies everywhere.

Today, their in-store candy line is a favourite, with new sales points added monthly, continuing their sweet adventure.

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