HOT TIP Candles
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Ottawa, Ontario

HOT TIP Candles

During the pandemic, Kylie noticed a big beige creative gap formed for so many of us; life wasn’t as bright as it used to be. As a professional chef and teacher by day, being away from the kitchen and her students was tough. She wanted to make people smile, use her creativity, and brighten up a dark time. Enter HOT TIP! 

HOT TIP Candles are created to bring joy and colour to you and your home. No matter your preference there’s a HOT TIP candle to suit your tastes, your space, and your uniquely awesome style. 

Every HOT TIP candle is artfully designed and hand-dipped multiple times in soy wax making each candle unique. 6-hour clean burn, 100% cotton wick, dripless, fragrance-free, and guaranteed to stand out. 

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