Freshbox Inc.
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Calgary, Alberta

Freshbox Inc.

Like many great ideas, Freshbox was born from a frank and vulnerable conversation between friends over pizza and wine.

Through many late-night chats, they realized that even the most confident, independent, and strongest of women still felt a certain shame towards below-the-belt topics, specifically our lady bits.

They wanted to change that. Their goal was create a product that would help women feel cool and confident. A product that would help us care for our vaginas and luxuriously adorn them. That said, vaginas are marvellous at self-cleaning and have a delicate pH, and therefore do not need a bunch of harmful ingredients or harsh fragrances messing that up.

They spent months tinkering with the recipe until they finally found the ingredients that met their standards. Each and every ingredient in Freshbox was chosen for its innate abilities to soften, moisturize and refresh with plant-based ingredients that smell SO good.

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