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Birch Moon Wellness Co.
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Ottawa, Ontario

Birch Moon Wellness Co.

Birch Moon is a small business based out of Ottawa with a passion for beautiful nature and good tea. They're on a personal journey of transforming their lifestyle to a more intentional, holistic and sustainable and they hope to inspire you to join in.

Co-founders and partners, Roch and Olga (who is originally from Siberia), share a passion for active and holistic living, which inspired them to start Birch Moon and help every one around them nurture their minds and bodies with wellness teas.

"One day, we learned about the medicinal mushroom, chaga, and its healing benefits (especially for my gut health!) and, to my surprise, how the world's most superior quality chaga abundantly grows in Siberia. I knew immediately we had to introduce the world to nature's greatest treasure– the functional medicinal mushroom chaga."

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