Alex Luciano
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Richmond, Virginia

Alex Luciano

Alex Luciano is an illustrator, printmaker and Risograph enthusiast based in Richmond, VA.

Each product featured is Riso printed by Alex, a process that uses vegetable based inks and a vintage Japanese stencil duplicator.

When not making art prints and cards Alex plays in her slop pop band Diet Cig, who you could find touring the world before the pandemic shut down travel. This down time created space for her to shift towards visual art and pursue her practice centered around Riso printing.

With lots of experimentation and play, along with major enthusiasm from her online community, the brand was born. Alex now teaches in-person and online classes that make risograph printing more accessible to students, and she runs a printing press - Cowboy Press - that provides custom printing services for artists and organizations. Risograph printing is a fun, eco-friendly + non-toxic form of printmaking that features vibrant colors, unique textures and charming irregularities that all together create super cute art prints and cards!

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