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Love, Etsy

Is there anything better than a lovely piece of mail?

Today I received this gorgeous gold foil print from Etsy in my post box. A perfect addition to my new office!

Introducing Merry Mag!

After weeks of toiling over what was probably her biggest creative project ever, Melissa launched Merry Mag today!

Check out this gorgeous 98 page e-magazine, filled to the brim with holiday DIY decorating and gift ideas.


Happy clicking!


DIY: Candyland Gumball Wreath

As perhaps you could have derived simply by learning the name of my shop, I loooooves me some colour.


So when I signed up to contribute a wreath DIY for MerryMag (an ezine curated and designed by my bestie Melissa of The Sweet Escape) I knew it had to be something bold.

Also, something pretty simple.

Also something that I could possibly do with my kids so that I could feel like a good mom who plays with her kids instead of being glued to her laptop all day.

I had already decided to do a Christmas Candyland theme in one of the windows at Hello Yellow, so I decided it best to keep riding that wave and hoped in the ole jalopy for a trip to Bulk Barn.

As with any DIY, I try to keep my budget in check and imagined myself creating something gorgeous for…oh…say…$20.


After all, my materials included only:

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Styrofoam Wreath Form


Naturally we had to buy twice as much of that last component as was technically needed, and $36 later, I had myself one big bag of gum drops and two extremely jacked kids.


This was a super easy project.

I can't even dress this shit up really. 

Step one: Take a styrofoam wreath form. (If you're anything like me, you have one in your house. Somewhere. Possibly covered in some really dated looking felt flowers.)

Step two: Glue gum drops all over it until it weighs about 20 pounds.

Step three: Hang it on a door, or a wall, or somewhere little hands (and tongues) can't reach.

Photos by Scott Adamson

Is that thing the cutest or is that the cutest?

Happy crafting!!


xo Em


ps. If you try this project at home, please, for the love of all things Christmas, secure a ribbon or twine to hang the wreath from. In the interest of having this beauty ready for our Holiday Open House, I just stabbed the styrofoam onto my little wreath hanging suction cup on the shop door. Moments after taking these photos, this gorgeous labour of love smashed into a million (or five) pieces on the sidewalk. RIP little wreath. RIP.


Read all of Merry Mag here!

Merry Mag

Aw man. 

What a bloggers cliche to apologize for not posting in ages and ages and ages.

And, yet, here we are.


Truth is, there's a ton I could have been talking about, but it's almost been too much to stop and think about.

So whatever. Lets just start fresh huh?


It's no secret that my bestie Melissa of The Sweet Escape is a creative freaking genius.

The way this girl operates really turns my crank.


We met on literally our first day of college and have been buddies ever since. 



One of Melissa's best qualities is her resourcefulness.


This is the kind of woman who can find her own way around any city regardless of language barriers.

This is the kind of woman who taught her big bad self how to change a spare tire.

This is the kind of woman who told her dull graphic design job to take a hike and launched her own career as a full time blogger.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of woman who takes the road less travelled.


And when that road wasn't leading in exactly the direction she'd been hoping? Well girlfriend just took that muthalovin' wheel and pulled a hard left.

Too metaphorical?


Melissa's biggest design strength (in her totally biased best friend's opinion) is in editorial design. She's got an eye for curating beautiful spreads, a knack for styling, and an enviable sense of colour and typography.

So when a few months ago she told me she was going to design her own e-magazine (called Merry Mag) with a bunch of other super legit bloggers, I knew it would be fabulous (and proceeded to beg my way in).


I'll be contributing an Etsy Guy Gift round up, and a yummy "Christmas Candyland" inspired wreath DIY.

Stay tuned!

Etsy Craft Party 2014

Last Friday night we hosted our first ever Etsy Craft Party here in Almonte.
In a nutshell, it was awesome.
Crafting + Friends + Strangers = My kinda Friday night.
I'm not even going to feel bad about that.
When I first posted the invitation on Facebook I knew I'd get a few folks interested (put the word Etsy in front of anything in the kind of circles I run in and you're going to get some hits), but I never anticipated the response I actually got.
In only 2 days I had 75 people registered for a craft I hadn't quite yet figured out.
The theme of the Etsy Craft Party (an event that took place simultaneously around the world) was Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs. 
I quickly rented a space at our local United Church (the workshop at Hello Yellow maxes out at about 12 people) and called my mother - the multimedia artist.
Mom would be just the girl to help me out.
We put together a plan to create simple multimedia artworks using black and white photocopies of old (and some new) photographs.
With a generous donation from Etsy themselves (a gift certificate and some spending money to purchase supplies) I happily hopped online and selected some essentials. 
Materials required for this project:
Acrylic Medium
Tissue Paper
Delightful savoury treats courtesy of Janie & Pamalamala
The musical stylings of Kathleen Edwards (& friends)
What started as a piece of newsprint and an old photograph...transformed over three hours to become beautiful, original works of art.
Framable even. :)
Also, it was a load of fun!
Thanks to all who participated.
Can't wait to do this again.
xo Em

Etsy Craft Party

Perhaps I should entitled this post "On a Lighter Note".

I'm going to go ahead and step off my political soap box (for the time being) and get back to something that makes me feel a little more positive.

Chipper even.

Our first ever Etsy Craft Party is THIS Friday, and I couldn't be more excited really. 

We'll be filling the social hall of the Almonte United Church for three hours of unadulterated crafting fun that involves paint, stamps, ink, glue, paper and more.

Etsy Craft Party is nationwide celebration of meeting and making. Basically, creative people/Etsy enthusiasts across North America organize craft nights with a bunch of people (we have a full house with 75 RSVPs!) and we all stick to a similar theme to create fabulous works of art.

Sadly, this event is completely full, but with the kind of response we've had, I KNOW we'll do it again.

Since I have the benefit of having a talented multimedia artist as a mother, she will be hosting the craft and I'll be running around making sure everyone is sharing nicely.

In preparation for the event my mom has put together a few samples of the work we'll be emulating. 

How awesome are these?

Watch for our pictures from Friday!



Etsy Craft Party - June 6th

If you're tired of hearing me talk about Etsy, you're just going to have to stop reading this blog because I am FULLY entrenched in their brand at this point. 

It's borderline gross how much of a love affair I'm having with Etsy these days.

And I haven't even told you about the summit yet.


Last week I was asked if I'd be planning an Etsy Craft Party. Because I suffer from a mental illness that doesn't allow me to say no to anything that relates to handmade goods, naturally I said yes.


What's an Etsy Craft Party you ask?

It's is a one-day, nationwide celebration of meeting and making. Basically, creative people/Etsy enthusiasts across North America organize craft nights with a bunch of people (we have 71 signed up so far!) and we all stick to a similar theme to create (potentially) fabulous works of art.

This year’s theme is Recapture - Bringing New Meaning to Photographs.

I've booked the social hall at the Almonte United Church (106 Elgin Street) and will be hosting (with the help of some very creative friends) a FREE 3-hour workshop during which we'll transforming photographs into display-worthy works of art using a variety of craft supplies and creative techniques including embroidery, painting and more.

This event is open to crafty folk of all levels of experience, aged 14+.

Come with an open mind and a creative spirit...and lets have fun!


RSVP by Friday May 16th by visiting handmadeharvestetsyparty.eventbrite.ca.

Email any questions to shop@hello-yellow.ca