I try

Man I'm struggling with this eating thing.

Same old song that starts with me not prioritizing my health.

It's what I do. I started off strong with workouts, and now I'm down to exercising 3 times a week instead of my goal of 5x. I realize 5 was probably pushing it considering only a few weeks ago I was doing 1-2 intentional full body workouts...but fuck. Why (oh why) is the momentum so hard to keep?


Erin says though fitness is important, it's the food that's even more so, and that's no better really.

Most days I do awesome.

Each day begins with a great shake (Vega protein, berries, kale and water) that keeps me full until at least noon, then I have variety of vegetables and fruit throughout the day, a dinner of some sort of protein and veg, and tea before bed.

But other days? Days when someone leaves a sleeve of 3 Lindt chocolates on my doorstep that I should just pass along to someone with their Christmas card or, at the very least, share with someone? Those days I feel like a big fat failure.

I haven't lost a single pound since I started and it's all my fault.

Honestly, I think I'm going to need to serious simplify the way I eat if I'm going to get into any kind of fail safe routine. I've become entirely overwhelmed my all these fabulously complicated recipes (for which I rarely have the ingredients in my pantry)

It's December 27th. All the Christmas feast are over and I need to recharge. Again.


New plan:

Breakfast: Protein + Veg + Berry shake

Every other snack/meal throughout the day: Some combo of veg + lean protein + good oils sprinkled with things like chia seeds, hemp hearts, nuts & seeds to add variety.

No alcohol. Except New Years. Because. New Years.

Loads of water.


Does everyone trying to lose weight struggle like this? I can't count the number of times I've failed myself. I'm not giving up or anything, but man, I'm so tired of thinking about it.





Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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