One of a Kind Show Debut!

I don't know that I've written about this, but in May of this year I launched Campy, a line of soy candles designed by myself and my friend Amanda (she's responsible for the gorgeous illustrations).

I started pouring the candles because I was struggling to find a well branded, reasonably priced candle for the shop, and also because I thought that if I was going to start encouraging makers to get on Etsy, maybe I should have a little experience doing it myself.

(Admittedly I'm making it sound a little easier than it was in reality, but let this be a lesson that there's truly not much you can't do with a little research and a whole lot of trial and error.)

They have been doing really well in the shop, and online (I'm on Etsy and Brika now) so after a little deliberation (not exactly in the market for more work right now) I thought I might aim my sights even higher.

Why not, right?


So I applied to the One of a Kind Show, Spring 2015.

I looooove the OOAK. Next to Etsy, it's my best source for quality handmade goods for the shop.

I rarely miss a show, or an opportunity to escape to Toronto and hang with my people.

But I never really thought I'd get in.

Sorry kids, the dining room is no longer for dining.

We're in the candle making business.

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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