Like it's my job.

I don't like discussing really personal issues in forums related to my business, but I was recently challenged to take on a new project (you know I love a good project), and the only natural way I can think to be accountable is to post about it.


So lets talk about my body shall we? I know you want to.

I've never cared to be a thin person, but since I had my daughter in 2009 (a pregnancy during which I gained a knee buckling 60lbs) I've had issues coming to terms with physique.

I'm okay with natural changes that happen to your body after kids, I'm even kind of proud of some of them, but I'm just not totally comfortable in my skin lately.

It's holding me back.


I've accomplished so many goals in my career, but this healthy living thing?

Well it's shaping up (pun intended) to be my Everest.


Enter Erin.

Two years ago, I met Erin O'Reilly.

Erin is a local fitness trainer and all round nutritional guru who I never imagined myself becoming actual friends with.

How was I, a lover of all things dairy, to relate to a girl who thinks nutritional yeast is a perfectly acceptable (and delicious) substitute for Parmesan cheese?

How could I truly get to know a woman who combs the aisles of the LCBO looking for Organic wine labels while I'm scavenging for half way decent blends stickered at $10 or less?


But Erin is awesome, and funny, and an overall fantastic person who is really hard not to love.

Also, it's impossible not to be inspired by someone who truly prioritizes a healthy lifestyle. Girl's a walking testament to clean living.


I've been training with Erin essentially since we met.

She's given me countless hours of nutritional guidance and meal planning advice, and each time she spends any amount of time with me, I eagerly hop on that wagon and feel like I'm really heading somewhere great.

And then a kid gets sick, a deadline gets closer, a new project pops up, and I'm tucking and rolling right off that sucker.

I begin prioritizing everything else and slip slowly back to square one.


Despite being the huge cliche that I know I must be to her, Erin never gives up on trying to help me achieve my goals. (You should totally come to her workouts by the way. They're awesome, and she'll help you too.)

Last week she sat me down and told me that she thinks the only way I will actually be successful reaching my fitness goals is if I begin to treat my health like a marketing job.

She proposed that I share my struggles in a public forum, allow her to set me up on a good plan, and document my progress.


So here we are.


Current Weight: 168lbs (I'm 5'5")

Current Fitness Regime: Bootcamp 1x a week. Unless I miss it.

Current Diet: cereal, sandwiches, whatever the kids will eat for supper, followed by whatever they don't eat.


Goals over the next month:
1. Plan and prepare meals (aka save money and avoid starvation binging)

2. Find ways to make healthy eating sustainable for the whole family.

3. Exercise 3 times per week so that I can complete an "Erin" workout without walking like a cripple the next day.

4. Drink more water.

5. Slim down, tone up.


If you'd like to share your experiences or goals, or if you'd like to try Erin's workouts and nutritional guidance on for size, hop on over to her website or Facebook page.



This is the beet smoothie that didn't taste like beets I had for breakfast. Delightful.

Many of Erin's best recipes can be found HERE.

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour




November 19, 2014

Thanks guys! Good for you Donny! That’s no small feat. And of course, healthy eating includes meat! Maybe you could share a favourite recipe with me.
I just want to have fun with my kids at the end of the day.
Maybe on a beach.
In a bikini that doesn’t go from knees to neck :)

@MrsARob aka Sarah Robinson
@MrsARob aka Sarah Robinson

November 19, 2014

Ummmmm, I don’t see “ski 24H Tremblant with the best team eva” on the list of goals?!!!!

You rock sista. Good for you for holding yourself accountable so publicly. I’ll eat whatever the kids don’t for you. I know, I’m here for you. Annnnnnnd that way I don’t have to cook.



November 19, 2014

Not a girl (most days) But I applaud your courage and gusto. I have lost 25lbs this past year and want to lose another 15. Healthy eating, which includes meat btw, is the key for all of us. More exercise and the desire to live a healthy life is Lana’s and my goal and hopefully we can get that little extra encouragement from your journey. Congrats to you Emily

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