Merry Mag

Aw man. 

What a bloggers cliche to apologize for not posting in ages and ages and ages.

And, yet, here we are.


Truth is, there's a ton I could have been talking about, but it's almost been too much to stop and think about.

So whatever. Lets just start fresh huh?


It's no secret that my bestie Melissa of The Sweet Escape is a creative freaking genius.

The way this girl operates really turns my crank.


We met on literally our first day of college and have been buddies ever since. 



One of Melissa's best qualities is her resourcefulness.


This is the kind of woman who can find her own way around any city regardless of language barriers.

This is the kind of woman who taught her big bad self how to change a spare tire.

This is the kind of woman who told her dull graphic design job to take a hike and launched her own career as a full time blogger.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of woman who takes the road less travelled.


And when that road wasn't leading in exactly the direction she'd been hoping? Well girlfriend just took that muthalovin' wheel and pulled a hard left.

Too metaphorical?


Melissa's biggest design strength (in her totally biased best friend's opinion) is in editorial design. She's got an eye for curating beautiful spreads, a knack for styling, and an enviable sense of colour and typography.

So when a few months ago she told me she was going to design her own e-magazine (called Merry Mag) with a bunch of other super legit bloggers, I knew it would be fabulous (and proceeded to beg my way in).


I'll be contributing an Etsy Guy Gift round up, and a yummy "Christmas Candyland" inspired wreath DIY.

Stay tuned!

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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