Riot 4 Wyatt

On Monday December 2, 2013, 4 year old Wyatt Service, a classmate of my son Griffin at Almonte Co-operative Nursery School, was taken to CHEO complaining of a headache.


He had been well up to this point, except complaining of the odd headache and upset stomach.

Suddenly this family’s life was turned upside down.

The worst was discovered.

Wyatt had a brain tumor.


He was admitted to CHEO, underwent brain surgery and has had multiple procedures since, including 6 weeks of radiation.

Wyatt has been diagnosed with Stage 2 ependymoma.

This is a slow growing malignant tumor.


This once energetic little 4-year-old is currently in a wheelchair and learning how to walk again.

He is continuing to have extensive rehabilitation. Wyatt’s family consists of mom Tania, and dad Chris, and one older sibling here in Almonte Almonte.


Wyatt's father Chris is seeking flexible employment due to the nature of the situation at home.

Tania receives ODSP.

This family continues to struggle.


In an effort to help this wonderful family through this difficult time, my friends at Kentfield Kids have created the "Riot 4 Wyatt" campaign. They'll be hosting a fundraiser here on Mill Street Saturday June 21st (see flyer below) and have several retailers (including us!) selling awareness bracelets.


By purchasing one of these colourful bands for only $3 in store (also below), you can help us make a difference for the Service family.

All proceeds go to the family to assist with the various expenses involved in caring for Wyatt while continuing to function as a family.


Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour



Moira Mahoney
Moira Mahoney

August 15, 2014


I am a friend of the family, and only since a week or so before Wyatt’s diagnoses last year.

I am wondering if there are other friends/family looking for ways to help Tania, Chris, Wyatt and Ben. I am retired but have mobility issues. I would like to help in any small way possible. Please email if I can be of assistance.


June 14, 2014

i will most definitely will be purchasing a bracelet. Hope I can get one next week as I wont be downtown on Saturday.

My heart breaks for this family. My husband died of cancer and i cannot imagine watching your child suffering from this horrid disease. God Bless you all for what you are doing for this family!!!

Anne Smith
Anne Smith

June 14, 2014

So thankful people like you are helping.

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