Etsy Craft Party

Perhaps I should entitled this post "On a Lighter Note".

I'm going to go ahead and step off my political soap box (for the time being) and get back to something that makes me feel a little more positive.

Chipper even.

Our first ever Etsy Craft Party is THIS Friday, and I couldn't be more excited really. 

We'll be filling the social hall of the Almonte United Church for three hours of unadulterated crafting fun that involves paint, stamps, ink, glue, paper and more.

Etsy Craft Party is nationwide celebration of meeting and making. Basically, creative people/Etsy enthusiasts across North America organize craft nights with a bunch of people (we have a full house with 75 RSVPs!) and we all stick to a similar theme to create fabulous works of art.

Sadly, this event is completely full, but with the kind of response we've had, I KNOW we'll do it again.

Since I have the benefit of having a talented multimedia artist as a mother, she will be hosting the craft and I'll be running around making sure everyone is sharing nicely.

In preparation for the event my mom has put together a few samples of the work we'll be emulating. 

How awesome are these?

Watch for our pictures from Friday!



Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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