Etsy Craft Party - June 6th

If you're tired of hearing me talk about Etsy, you're just going to have to stop reading this blog because I am FULLY entrenched in their brand at this point. 

It's borderline gross how much of a love affair I'm having with Etsy these days.

And I haven't even told you about the summit yet.


Last week I was asked if I'd be planning an Etsy Craft Party. Because I suffer from a mental illness that doesn't allow me to say no to anything that relates to handmade goods, naturally I said yes.


What's an Etsy Craft Party you ask?

It's is a one-day, nationwide celebration of meeting and making. Basically, creative people/Etsy enthusiasts across North America organize craft nights with a bunch of people (we have 71 signed up so far!) and we all stick to a similar theme to create (potentially) fabulous works of art.

This year’s theme is Recapture - Bringing New Meaning to Photographs.

I've booked the social hall at the Almonte United Church (106 Elgin Street) and will be hosting (with the help of some very creative friends) a FREE 3-hour workshop during which we'll transforming photographs into display-worthy works of art using a variety of craft supplies and creative techniques including embroidery, painting and more.

This event is open to crafty folk of all levels of experience, aged 14+.

Come with an open mind and a creative spirit...and lets have fun!


RSVP by Friday May 16th by visiting

Email any questions to




Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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