Hello Spring!

You might never have known based on all my chipper Facebook posts, but man, that was a brutal winter!

Retail is hard enough in this economic climate, but throw in an environmental climate that's as unpredictable as an adolescent girl on hormone supplements and you're really in trouble.

We made it though. The sun is shining today, the snow is melting, and we're ready to launch into a whole new season of handmade fabulousness.

I'm going to start knitting these suckers now so maybe I'll be done in time for Christmas next year. You can too.


Last week I high tailed it to Toronto to hit up the One of a Kind Show.

It's always a great resource for me to find new North American made product, but I was so thrilled to see so many new vendors in the house. I've got so much great stuff coming over the next few weeks I can hardly stand it.

Here are a few of my favourite products you can expect to see in the shop very soon.

Via / Via / Via

That's all I'm showing you for now.


The week before that, Melissa came to Almonte to spend a day shooting the shop for an upcoming blog post on...wait for it...Apartment Therapy! (Check out her portfolio of posts here)

She's freelance blogging for them now and pitched the shop.

Much to my excitement, they agreed that Hello Yellow would be a good fit and now I am frantically working away at populating my online shop so I can try to maximize on the exposure.

Do you know about Apartment Therapy?

It's huge.


That's all for now.

I have some more stories about how I bought a framing company and have been invited to speak at the Etsy Summit in Toronto, and got named Etsy Team Captain for Ottawa, but I don't want to overwhelm you.

Maybe tomorrow.

xo Em

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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May 05, 2014

congrats on the Apartment Therapy feature! your store looks awesome, I will definitely check it out next time I visit Almonte!

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