I'm on Etsy yo!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Etsy asking if they could feature my shop on their wholesale blog.

Obviously I said yes.

And then proceeded to freak out because my online shop wasn't exactly prepared for any special social media attention.

Nothing a little scrambling and some help from friends couldn't solve, however.

Here it is.

My 15 minutes of global fame



Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour




May 05, 2014

Oh my god! We so much have in common (like the love and devotion to color yellow ;-))! I just discovered your shop on app.therapy.
I live in Montréal, but, if I plan a trip in Ontario, you are on my top list of places to go and visit!
I’m an illustrator and I do window painting. It would be a dream to illustrate your front window! Keep the good work!

Julie Smith
Julie Smith

April 02, 2014

Congrats well deserved!! keep up the awesome work. Love your shop and your wonderful enthusiasm. See you soon!

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